Živý venkov – Lively countryside in English

Our Mission:

Create favourable conditions for sustainable development of Czech countryside and rural areas, and protection of the environment through employment of sustainable agricultural production methods.

Our Goals:

  • Increase environmental awareness of Czech population in all age groups and fields of activities, but particularly in food production and sustainable rural development
  • Enhance socio-economic living conditions of people living in rural areas and protect environment by developing sustainable forms of agriculture and increasing self- sufficiency of rural population
  • Create positive awarness of organic agriculture and food, local food systems and biological diversity
  • Help growth of family farms and protect productive agricultural land from housing and industrial development
  • Enhance availability of fresh, local and healthy (organic) food to both rural and urban population
  • Help increase demand for sustainably produced food products in order to create conditions for favourable economic development of these production systems
  • Engage and integrate local administrations, NGOs and businesses to solve specific local needs and interests in the field of sustainable development and sustainable agricultural systems


  • Activities and projects to create infrastructure ensuring supply of safe, healthy and high-quality food products on local and regional level, mainly for school children
  • Support creation of local food systems through encouragement of business and marketing activities and promotion of local food production and consumption
  • Educational and training activities in the field of sustainable food production systems (organic agriculture) for farmers
  • Educational activities for children, out-of-school activities and adult education
  • Help farmers and businesses with business and marketing planning
  • Organise seminars, workshops, conferences, excursions and field trips
  • Organization of festivals and farmers markets
  • Publication of educational and information materials

Please contact us at:

Živý venkov o.s.
Vinohradská 261
664 34 Moravské Knínice
Czech Republic
Tel: ++420 541 263 456
E-mail: info@zivyvenkov.cz